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Bookings will open December 15 at 11am PST

The booking form will stay open for a very limited time, closing at 1pm or when a maximum of 100 proposals are reached.

At 11am PST the booking form will appear on this page, where you can submit your idea. I'll draw from the proposals that come in to book promptly for Feb 1 2019 through April 15 2019. No proposals will be held over for dates outside of this booking timeframe. 

If you have submitted your idea on multiple occasions and it has still not been accepted please be patient with this process and please submit again! I receive hundreds of requests in a matter of hours each booking period, and can only do so many tattoos in a few months timeframe, so resubmitting is a necessity for me to be able to get to everyones idea.

Bookings for these appointments will be done at my private studio in Los Angeles, no other locations this booking period. Any travel plans I make will be posted to my mailing list and on my Instagram, so keep an eye out for that. 

My hourly rate is $425 (discount to $400 an hour if you pay with cash), with a $500 minimum per session for custom work. I am able to accept all major credit and debit cards, however these electronic payment options do carry the higher hourly rate.

A bit about how I work and tips on how to get your proposal accepted:

I specialize in creating original custom artwork in my unique style. I ask my clients to hand over to me a loose idea of the imagery they are looking for, and to put their trust in me to do a creative interpretation of their concept, in my style, into artwork that is suitable for tattooing. I don't redraw client artwork, nor do I encourage micromanagement of the creation of artwork.

My hope is that the client who comes to me has seen my work and has an appreciation for what I do artistically, and will give me their trust to create an original piece of artwork that can fulfill the vision of their dream tattoo.

I have been getting proposals from people who say they love all my work, and are willing to give me full creative freedom around one of the themes I generally work in. While offering to give me full creative freedom is not necessary to get your proposal accepted I have to say it’s pretty hard to pass up such an opportunity.

This booking period I will be focused on taking on more:

•  Landscape and natural/elemental work that has more of an abstract feel.
•  Pieces focused around esoteric, mystic, occult or alchemical imagery
•  Large and medium sized floral themed pieces
•  Pieces where clients are wanting to give me full creative freedom

This booking period I will not be taking on:

•  Imagery that includes man made structures such as buildings, bridges, tents, etc.
•  Pieces smaller than 4 x 6 inches.
•  Placement for pieces on the ribs

Please note, things I do not tattoo include:

Script or text of any kind, additions or reworks to existing tattoos, cover-ups, full color work, work that needs to incorporate an existing artist's piece, and anything that is a reproduction of existing artwork (including my own custom pieces for previous clients). Proposals that include requests for these items will not be responded to.

Hope this info is helpful to you and gives you some additional insight into my creative process. 

Thanks so much for your support, I look forward to getting to work with you!

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